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Nnamdi Kanu Addresses Violence Against Biafra Protests in South Africa

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Nnamdi Kanu Addresses Violence Against Biafra Protests in South Africa


Today Nnamdi Kanu spoke about South Africa police violence against Biafran protesters where he remarked that:

  • Persecution of Biafrans is happening not only in Nigeria, the Nigerian government has engaged governments in places like South Africa and Congo to oppress Biafrans there as well.

  • The attacks by police officers on Biafrans is an effort to placate Nigeria. The irony is that those killed in South Africa are not Fulanis but they are trying to capitalize on it

  • Biafrans were protesting the visit of South Africa by Jibril.

  • It is improper for a president to visit the very country where his fellow citizens are being killed. This gesture shows that the Nigerian government does not care what happens to Nigerians abroad because most Nigerians abroad are not Fulani.

  • Most African countries are administrated by dictators or democratic dictatorships.

  • South Africa has over the years descended to into a dark lawlessness, brutality, and a unique form of servitude known only to Africans.

  • What happened in South Africa will happen in other African countries.

  • Biafrans in Africa must abandon their Nigerian citizenship and declare themselves Biafrans.

  • IPOB knows that Nigeria sells Biafran oil at a discount. South Africa should not allow itself to be used for Nigerian domestic politics of oppression. The oil it obtains from Nigeria belongs to Biafran people.

  • Wherever Jibril goes Biafrans will protest. Cyril Ramaphosa has removed White apartheid to replace it with Black apartheid.

  • When there were problems in Kashmir CNN gave it extensive coverage. Extensive coverage was also given to Hong Kong and there have been no killings by police officers though many have been injured. In the case of Africa coverage is almost non-existant. Police are killing protesters and Black people unfortunately do not understand that by their silence they are accepting these conditions.

  • IPOB will challenge the actions of the South Africa police in court.

  • Why is it that the Nigerian government has money to build railways from Ibadan to Abuja or from Nigeria to Niger, they even have a dry port in Kaduna, but they cannot open a viable seaport in Biafraland?

  • Construction of Enugwu Airport has stalled because they say that "there is no money to do the work".

  • Nigeria instigated South Africa to start the xenophobic attacks against Biafrans.

  • IPOB has begun telling politicians around the world that the weapons that they give Nigeria is used to kill civilians.