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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Addresses Asaba Massacre and Igbo Presidency

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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Addresses Asaba Massacre and Igbo Presidency


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu commemorated the massacre of Biafrans in Asaba 52 years ago where he remarked that:

  • Between October 2nd and October 7th 1967 Nigerian soldiers lead by Ibrahim Taiwo brutally massacred over 5000 Biafrans in Asaba.

  • IPOB is engaging Biafra's enemies in Ebonyi.

  • Those clamoring for Igbo presidency are wasting their time. We want Biafra, not presidency.

  • From Azikiwe to Nzeogwu to Ironsi, it was their misplaced desire to make Nigeria better that got us into the mess that we are experiencing in Nigeria.

  • If an Igbo man is president of Nigeria life will not improve substantially. Those clamoring for Igbo presidency are doing so for their own greed.

  • Igbo presidency is like the second Niger Bridge or Ogoni Clean up. It is words of seduction used to entice you to vote for someone.

  • Goodluck Jonathan is a Biafran and was president and brought no development to our land. Niger Bridge was not built, Enugwu-Igweocha expressway was not built, no new industries, no decent public housing, not even pipe-born water to buildings. Jonathan's time in office, like Azikiwe's and Ironsi's, was a failiure.

  • Jonathan did run what came close to a democratic government in terms of individual rights and liberties.

  • There are more Fulani people in IDP camps than when Jonathan who is not a Fulani was in power.

  • Igbo presidency is a bait used to lure selfish Igbo politicians to sell community interests for government positions.

  • In the proposal to establish toll gates, the South East leads with 56 followed by the South-South with 21 (77 across Biafraland). This is in addition to the over 300 existing military checkpoints.

  • North Central will have 14. North East will have 9, and North West 12.

  • An Emir’s palace was burned by Boko Haram in Yobe, but the Nigerian Army is preoccupied with Python Dance in Biafra