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Nnamdi Kanu Speaks ahead of 30th May 2019


He repeated that Buhari is dead and Jibril is an actor from Sudan. He also mentioned that even if Buhari was alive he does not meet the minimum qualifications to run for the office of Nigeria’s president because he does not have a WAEC certificate. The primary school leaving certificate that was presented does not meet this qualification.

He affirmed the commitment of Biafrans to honor those soldiers and civilians that have fallen standing for freedom.

Speaking about Fajuyi, he said that the tendency of certain efulefu Biafrans to more readily honor Fajuyi (a single Yoruba man) for dying for Ironsi


than honor the millions of Biafrans that have lost their lives fighting for freedom is the exact same mindset that leads some slave-minded Biafrans to build railways to Northern dry ports while doing nothing to ensure that any Biafran ports are in operating condition.

Nigerian security agents are now also kidnapping young Biafran men that are suspected of being IPOB members.

Adding further detail on Anthony Nwoko, Kanu said that no evidence has been presented. Accusers say that Nwoko was killed and found lying in a pool of his own blood but no pictures of a body, blood, or weapon have been revealed.

He discussed the order of developments and explained why Biafra’s freedom takes precedent over any development.

He described persistent lobbying efforts by Nigerian agents to silence the international media about Biafra’s Restoration movement.

He also noted that Biafra’s push for freedom did not begin in the 1960s. It began from the colonial era when the British began to use their standing armies to oppress Biafrans. The British hate Biafrans because of our natural tendency to resist their oppression.