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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Addresses Biafrans from Toronto, Canada

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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Addresses Biafrans from Toronto, Canada


Proceeding with his canvassing efforts Nnamdi Kanu visited Toronto, Canada where the following topics were discussed:

  • The raping of Biafran women in Abakiliki Province and other areas while the governors as well as Ohaneze Ndi Igbo maintains silence in pursuit of a later appointment to a federal position. He described this as a symptom of a kind of selfishness that resists development of or even destroys communities.

  • He remarked that the emergence of Biafra is not only for Biafran peoples like the Ibibio, Ijaw, Anang, Igbo, and others. It is for the betterment all African peoples. Because of Biafran agitation, other peoples in Nigeria that have not talked openly about self determination are now discussing it.

  • IPOB Canada is now registered with the Canadian government and will be participating in official events such as Calgary Stampede 2019.

  • What Biafrans are fighting against is what the Fulani did to the Hausa people where only their language exists. Their culture has been completely subsumed under Fulani. No Hausa people are Emirs.

  • Biafra will be run under a confederate-like system in which each ethnic nationality will govern itself on its land.

  • Unfortunately the United Nations will not be a reliable source of justice for Biafrans because with the exception of South Africa the UN generally dismisses the importance of African affairs.