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Preparation for Trespassers or Emergencies

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Preparation for Trespassers or Emergencies



Awareness is important in these times. Below are tips for safety and security of Biafrans in the various communities throughout Biafraland.

1. Do not report any Fulani herdsmen to police, you do not know who sent them. - Some of police officers are potential collaborators.

2. Simply take deterrent action. - If you can build a fence with barbed wire or other features to discourage trespasser around your property, do it.

3. If your property is overrun by them, leave the scene of action within minutes.

4. Leave no traces behind that can be used to track, monitor, or follow you.

5. Monitor every stranger in your midst, trust none.

6. Disengage every stranger from domestic jobs.

7. Let every community/ village have one or more warning vigilante groups. There must be a designated alert system (whistle, gong, etc). Utilize radio communication via walkie-talkies, especially at night. Do not rely on existing government agencies to arrange these for you.

8. Never gather at one place only for any discussions, be decentralized.

9. Train your yourself for emergencies, never sleep without protective materials. Have an emergency bag prepared with essential belongings so that in short notice you can depart.

10. Take notice of the instincts of your domestic animals, they alert you on certain dangers.

11. Respond swiftly to reduce casualty, but in groups.

12. Spare the foe and die; deal with the foe and live.

13. Avoid eating food or drinking beverages offered to you by unfamiliar people.

17. Follow one guide, one leader. More is confusing.

18. Prepare yourself mentally to confront trespassers.

19. Don’t talk too much, just plan and be vigilant.

The threat is real and imminent. Prepare yourself. As always, Biafrans are encouraged to continue to work with their local IPOB family to share and disseminate information.