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We have closely followed up and painstakingly watched the movements of Obijackson a Son of Okija Community and the Chairman of NestOil for couple of months now, and we can confidently confirm to you that this man is an Agent of Federal Government assigned a duty by the Fulani Cabal to:


1. Acquire massive lands from Communities in disguise for Ruga

2. Build and handover to the Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen for settlement around Southeastern States

Without fear or favor, we wish to make it known that Obijackson in the past months, has acquired massive hectares of lands running into thousands. This lands are inside Southeast Forest areas and forcefully taken without the consent of the Communities.

His first place of conquest was Ubahu Ofe mmiri, Okija. Next was Ogheregbu Okija. In this Community he forcefully took over 500 hectares of land and the Building plan shows that he is going to build over 650 structures with Schools from tertiary to University level, Hospitals, Banks, Markets, Civic centers, Police station etc with great road network and every basic amenities provided. The Express road connecting to this settlement has already kicked off with work going on very speedily.

In trying to achieve this, he destroyed farms and cash crops belonging to land owners. Under the supervision of Obijackson, old women and youths are molested because they tried to challenge the encroachment and destruction of their farms.

A close look at this project, one needs no soothsayer to affirm that this is exactly the structure of RUGA as published by Shehu Garba, President Buhari's Spokesperson.

In the past days, Obijackson has moved into Umuhu Community and there is a fight amongst the people, some sensing that he has ulterior motive while others simply don't care.

Obijackson moves around all these areas with armed military men harassing and intimidating the owners of the Land.

Questions that are begging for answers are;

Whose Children is Obijackson building schools inside the forest areas for?

Who is he expecting to use Civic centers built inside the forest area?

Who intends to use the Banks and Police stations located inside this forest areas?

Why is Obijackson providing every basic amenities for this new town inside the Forest, when he has not provided one for his Community that lacks every basic social amenities?

We appeal to every sensible Igbo man in places of authority to take this matter up and stop Obijackson before he settles the Terrorists into Ala-Igbo.

Udo diri ndi choro udo.