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Nnamdi Kanu Addresses Biafrans in Nuremberg, Germany

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Nnamdi Kanu Addresses Biafrans in Nuremberg, Germany



Leader Nnamdi Kanu, Deputy Uche Mefor, and Sister Nnennaya Anya visited Biafrans in Nuremburg, Germany

  • Some misguided people are laughing at Sowore for being arrested because of his Revolution Now protest. They are misguided because people like Sowore will motivate Yorubas to stand against what the Nigerian government is doing. They people laughing at Sowore for being arrested are the same ones that are lining up to go to Germany and other Western countries where protesters are protected.

  • The "evidence" that the Nigerian government brought against Sowore is that he met with Nnamdi Kanu.

  • If the presidential election was boycotted properly then there would be no need to protest the dictator that rigged himself into office.

  • Some Igbo people invited Nnia Nwodo, the person that is partially responsible for the current conditions in Biafraland to Germany even though Nnia Nwodo said that he will sabotage Biafra's restoration.

  • Che Guevara went to Africa to fight in the Congo. After a while he left saying that a black man does not understand what freedom fighting is about. He will always put the needs of the stomach before freedom.

  • If Ohaneze had not worked to proscribe IPOB the Fulanis would never have come into Biafraland.

  • Those that invited Nwodo want to belong. They want to be seen as people that know Nnia Nwodo.

  • Hausa people did exactly what Igbo people are doing today. They invited Fulani to help them remove their corrupt leaders.

  • Boko Haram was designated a terrorist group and Buhari, El Rufai, Lai Mohammad, disagreed. But Igbo leaders are clamoring to proscribe their own youth.

  • The US government said that it is for Nigerians to deal with the problems of Nigeria. When they realized that Buhari is dead, they also realized how foolish the average Nigerian is.

  • No Fulani herdsmen ever remain in police custody. The ones captured in Taraba and Edo were later released.

  • Blacks are being killed in America. This is happening because of what is happening in Africa, especially Nigeria. If your government can kill you in broad day light, sometimes even on video, and then deny it in a court of law before a judge. Common sense requires that both sides must be heard from equally before ruling a judgement, but in the Zoo the judges are purchased by the elite.

  • Every checkpoint in Biafraland must go. If they don't go we will compell them to go. In the North where there is Boko Haram there are no check points but in Biafraland there are checkpoints.

  • When Nnia Nwodo was running for his position in Ohaneze he said "I will fight to dismantle the checkpoints in Igboland". The only thing he will be remembered for is sabotaging Biafra.

  • Osinbajo and Atiku are begging for unity. They would not be begging if nothing was truly threatening the unity of Nigeria.

  • The UN issued a report and in which for the first time they referred to our people as "people from the Biafra region".

  • We in IPOB are making our case compellingly to countries around the world and diplomats are recieving it. That is why Atiku and Osinbajo are begging for unity.

  • People can worship as their heart sees fit, however to join IPOB each person must take an oath of allegiance. To serve Nigeria you must swear an oath of allegiance. To be a citizen of Germany you must swear an oath of allegiance. To get our freedom, we must be Biafran FIRST. Our allegiance lies to Biafra FIRST and not any religion. Religion is between you and your God. Onye na chi ya.

  • We must be prepared before we march, otherwise the enemy will simply bomb our villages to the ground. We are preparing. We also will not announce the preparations we are making on the radio or television for everyone to hear.

  • There is a woman that works in the Zoo High Commission in Accra that is recruiting Fulanis across west Africa to go to the Zoo. As we flee our land in droves to go to Britain, Germany, and America, the Fulanis are recruiting people to occupy our land.

  • IPOB has no millionaire supporting our movement. What we need to execute this revolution is not much but at the rate that of current contributions it will take us 28 years. We are unfortunately not a very charitable people.