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Nnamdi Kanu Speaks on Jibril's Alleged Trip to Japan

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Nnamdi Kanu Speaks on Jibril's Alleged Trip to Japan


Yesterday Director Nnamdi Kanu spoke in length about the present TICAD7 conference taking place in Japan. He said:

  • Who welcomed Jibril to Japan? - When a head of state travels by air, there is always an official delegation to meet them at the airport.

  • In the video footage that NTA was claiming to be of Buhari in Japan there was no official welcoming party or delegation from the Japanese government. There were two Chinese people that were with him, but actually boarded the plane in Nigeria with him. These two Chinese people are actually the ones that photoshopped his pictures.

  • They left 48 hours earlier than planned because they did not want to have to meet with the Japanese prime minister.

  • Abike Dabiri, who worked 15 years at NTA, claimed to be meet Buhari in Japan but again the Japanese are missing in the photo.

Mohammadu Buhari in Germany in 2016

Mohammadu Buhari in Germany in 2016

Cyril Ramaphosa arrives in Japan for TICAD7 surrounded by a Japanese welcoming delegation.

Cyril Ramaphosa arrives in Japan for TICAD7 surrounded by a Japanese welcoming delegation.

  • When Buhari visited Germany in 2016 there was a full military reception. The German Chancellor was present also. We can also compare the Buhari's alleged reception with that of Cyril Ramaphosa. In Cyril's photo we see the Japanese delegation surrounding him.

  • In the photo showing all heads of state Buhari is at the back. African political events hosting multiple leaders usually positions South Africa, Egypt, and Nigeria at the front.

  • Strangely, none of the videos posted of the event are live videos. There seem to be hours of delay before they are posted. Cyril Ramaphosa's facebook profile is on the South African government's website with a live stream of the event but Jibril did not do the same.

  • IPOB's objective is freedom and independence of BIafra and nothing else.

  • Every picture released has been editted.

  • Every picture released so far has been photoshopped.

  • Nigeria imports sawdust and even grass from Brazil.

  • IPOB is seeking the arrest of Jibril Al Sudani and restoration of Biafra.

  • Buhari was buried in an unmarked grave in Saudi Arabia.

  • Jibril's actual name is Junaid.

  • 3 people recruited Jibril. They worked for the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that were posted in Sudan.

    Hasan - The Nigerian embassy official that was stabbed to death in Khartoum around May 2018. His name was not mentioned on the Reuters article when it was published. He demanded a promotion after helping find Jibril but was killed instead.

    Benjamin Ethnan - Diplomat that was killed by wine poisoning. He was a close friend of Jibril. After Jibril replaced Buhari Benjamin kept trying to visit Jibril.

    Aminu - After recruiting Jibril he was promoted. He is now the PA to Muhammad Babandede, the Comptroller General of Immigration Services. He is still alive.

  • In the South African government's live stream of the event there was no Nigerian delegation present.

  • The picture of Jibril with Onyeama at behind him did not show Benue governor Ortom. But while they were staging those photos, the conference has not yet opened. The prime minister of Japan was still in France. 1 Day later he is no longer in any of the photos.

  • In a photo allegedly showing Buhari siting among other conference attendees there seems to be a leg showing near Buhari that does not belong to Buhari or any of the surrounding people.

  • Nigerians should ask for live video of the TICAD7 event.