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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Visits Biafrans in Japan

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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Visits Biafrans in Japan


Kanu in Japan.JPG

Nnamdi Kanu was welcomed by Biafrans in Japan where he spoke on the following:

  • Okezie Ikpazu owes workers of Abia 16 months of salary and instead of paying them he fired them and told them to reapply. This is why IPOB banned Igbo politicians from going abroad.

  • Kanu wrote to the emperor of Japan and told him not to allow Jibril to desecrate the Japanese throne

  • Because of Ohaneze and Igbo governors, they know that all the abled-bodied men are in Lagos, Abuja, Germany, France, etc. Since all the man are abroad they have brought Fulani Herdsmen to fill that vacuum. Kanu told the UN that instead of Fulani Settlements to be in our land we would all rather die.

  • One day our grandchildren will ask you where were you when these things were happening

  • Uzor Kalu agreed to work with Jibril for a chance to be president in 2023, but in 2023 the Fulani will put in whoever they want.

  • Japan rebuilt their country with sweat and blood.

  • Freedom fighting is the easy part, building a successful country is the hard part.

  • South Africa is beautiful, but whites built South Africa.

  • Biafra will restore the Black man's honor, dignity, and respect

  • There were 2 kinds of slaves: house slaves and farm slaves. Instead of the farm slave to fight for his freedom and leave the farm they wanted to leave the farm and be a house slave. When some Nigerians see Nigerian politicians and the state of Nigeria and instead of working toward their own freedom they would rather desire occupying a political position or appointment.

  • What IPOB is working toward will benefit all Biafrans. We want their to be peace and development so that we can finally sleep soundly in our village.

  • There are Westerners that do not want Biafra to come because they believe that if we get our freedom, the world will come to an end.