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Nnamdi Kanu's May 30th & 31st Addresses


On the morning May 30th at, 6AM Biafra Time, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu addresses Biafrans across the world from Atlanta, GA, USA. He recalls the sacrifices of Biafrans of various ethnic backgrounds such as Phillip Effiong (head of state), Ntienyong Akpan (secretary) , Frank Opigo (Administrator of Yenegoa Province and Comissioner of Rural Development), Sam Inyang (Biafran Military Intelligence, Communications), and many others.

He emphasizes that the suggestion of Biafra as an Igbo-only affair is a lie intended to erase all non-Igbo Biafrans. Nnamdi Kanu also remembered all those killed in state-sponsored Fulani expansionism in parts of Nigeria such as the Middle Belt and West.

Kanu regretted that some Biafran people that claim to be leaders of thought have abdicated their responsibilities and have been so ignorant of history “to the point of working with the enemy and collaborating with our oppressors, and those people will pay dearly for it at the right time”.

Flying Biafra Flag.jpg

Kanu highlighted the orchestrated denial of the Biafran Genocide by various countries and institutions such as media houses in countries such as Nigeria, Britain, and others.

“Kanu also declared that Biafraland can never be another Kwara State. Enugu can never be another Ilorin.”

Finally he reiterated that “they will kill us, we will kill them, but in the end Biafra will come”.