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Nigerian Security Forces activity in Aba



The deployment of officers and men of the Nigerian army and police to a relatively peaceful Aba North local government area of Abia State, Biafraland, is to say the least, despicably unfortunate. Aba North has recently been converted into a militarized zone, causing unnecessary fear and panic amongst inhabitants. The Nigerian government is disgustingly relentless in it's desperation to cage Biafrans in it's mad drive to actualize its delusional self-serving interest, the sensitivity of the people notwithstanding.

Free flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic is now hampered daily by these gun welding uniformed men, thereby stifling the economic activities in the area. Massive security operatives comprising of well armed soldiers and policemen have been deployed to Aba North local government area, to intimidate, harass, torture, arrest and kill Biafrans (IPOB) family members on trumped up extra-judicial charges. The Nigerian army has abandoned her constitutionally stipulated responsibility of defending the country against external aggression for civilian related functions. What a misnomer!

Presently, quite a number of military and police checkpoints dot the length and breath of the area in Abia State. Below are a number of them variously spotted:


* A military checkpoint at Ogbor hill slaughter

* A military checkpoint at Brass junction

* A military checkpoint at seventh (7th) deck

* There is a military checkpoint at PZ

* A military checkpoint at glass force by Okpulumogbu

* Another military checkpoint at Obikabiam Junction


* A Police checkpoint at Ogbor hill by Ukaegbu road.

* A Police checkpoint at Ogbor hill by Azuka road.

* A Police checkpoint at Ogbor hill, close to Customary Court

* Two police checkpoints opposite each other at Ogbor hill bridge.

* A Police checkpoint at railway by factory road.

* A Police checkpoint, close to Union Bank, mainly at night

* There is a police checkpoint at PZ

* A Police checkpoint at glass force by Okpulumogbu

* A Police checkpoint at Umuoba by 7up junction

* A Police checkpoint at Cemetery Police Station

* A Police checkpoint at Cemetery road by Bright street

* A Police checkpoint at Umule by Ukwuagbu

* Police/FSARS checkpoint at Faulks road, Osusu.

* A Police checkpoint at cemetery market, opposite United Bank of Africa  (UBA)

* A Police checkpoint at Ehi road by Kent.

It is ridiculous that the Nigerian security operatives only flex their muscles and display the potency of their weapons on the peaceful Biafran people in Biafraland,  while Boko Haram terrorists are relentlessly ravaging the North East region of Nigeria with trails of death and destruction blatantly going unchallenged and undefeated. They are shamelessly absconding the battlefield to come to Biafraland and cause mayhem. The Nigerian government should as a matter of responsibility, order the immediate withdrawal of these Fulani occupational security operatives from Aba North and allow Biafrans to be.

The patience of the people is being stretched and this oppressive antecedents of a supposed professional and civilized security will no longer be tolerated.  Nigeria claims to be in a democracy and this needs be translated in every sphere of governance. The earlier the authorities concerned take the required action, the better. Let the global community also take notice.

Written and edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press
Biafra Herald






























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