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IPOB Sends Message to Gov Ugwuanyi and Sen Utazi In New Jersey USA



IPOB USA Members in New Jersey stand at an event ready to confront "governor" Ugwuanyi and "senator" Utazi. Neither official attended the event after hearing that IPOB would be present.

An on-looker asked about the IPOB presence at the hotel over some days and wondered aloud "What is it in the heart of IPOB members that allows you all to do this?"

An IPOB USA member responded that

"We are here to show the world that we are against what is going on in Biafraland. We are not against the people hosting the event. What we are saying is that we don't want them to bring or invite any politician from Biafraland. We are not here to disrupt their event but to find Ugwanyi and senator Utazi...Let them bury the people that they slaughtered with the Fulani. They [Fulani Herdsmen] killed a pregnant woman at Enugwu. The governor is not saying anything about it. They killed a Reverend Father, two.

The Reverend Fathers went to the governor's house to protest and he said that they should take the protest to Abuja.

These governors are the same ones welcoming Fulani [Herdsmen] into Biafraland because of their selfish interest. They have taken oaths with Fulanis, that they will not support what we [IPOB] are doing"

Supreme Leader Nnamdi Kanu Addresses Biafrans on Eastern Governors


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu addresses matters such as the conspiracy of the Igbo governors to kill him and the failure of the Igbo governors and other Eastern politicians to stand-by the interests of Biafrans.

Nnamdi Kanu.png