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Director Nnamdi Kanu Speaks to Biafrans from Houston


Nnamdi Kanu speeaks to Biafrans from Houston, Texas

Nnamdi Kanu speeaks to Biafrans from Houston, Texas

Nnamdi Kanu, proceeding with his canvassing efforts to reach Biafran people across the United States diaspora visited IPOB USA in Houston, Texas and spoke to Biafrans from there.

The gathering began with a prayer and singing of Biafra's national anthem. After which Biafran veterans spoke and were recognized. Kanu eventually spoke and remarked on the following points:

  • America has steady electric power and clean pipe-drawn water for people to drink and cook but Biafra has neither of these basic amenities because those that should not be in positions of power and influence are in in those positions.

  • America did not fall from heaven. Men built it with there hands. The irony is that Biafran labor was used to build America. We gave them free labor for 200 years.

  • Today Biafrans in America have stopped caring. Had World Igbo Congress done what they are supposed to do IPOB will not be here today.

  • Fulanis are now demanding that we allow them to establish a Herdsmen-organized vigilante group.

  • Igbo people used to have a television station called Minaj in Obosi. It died because it was owned by an Igbo man and other Igbo men refused to invest in that business.

  • The Igbo generation that emerged after 1970 are not genuine. They pretend not to see what is coming ahead. They no longer have hope. That is why the Fulani have been able to enter our land and choose our leaders. How else can it be explained that Fulani are in our land killing people and our "governors" do nothing.

  • The reason why Blacks in America and other wealthy countries of the world are not respected is because Africa is poor. Africa is poor because the extent of the average Black person's aspiration is to be rich and send their children to expensive private schools. We have not expanded our minds to aspire to build safe, prosperous, and strong communities in our homeland.

  • The solution to the problems faced by Black people overall is what IPOB is doing: Building Biafra, building a strong country that reflects their vision and indigenous value system.

  • Kanu calls on Biafrans to re-double their efforts to restore Biafra. Let all Biafrans in USA use their talents to work toward's Biafra's restoration.

  • Because Biafrans left home, the Fulani's have come to take our land.

  • The enemy will kill us, we will kill them, but in the end Biafra will come.

  • 22 Ibibio women are still being detained in Akwa Ibom