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Biafrans in China Evangelize at an Ohaneze Event



Biafrans in China evangelize for Biafra’s restoration at an Ohaneze Ndi Igbo event. Biafrans remain steadfast in our position that Igbo presidency will not address our concerns as a people as Nigeria’s problems are structural and are much deeper than a single position. Biafrans do not subscribe to the short-sighted idea that anything and everything must be sacrificed including the security and safety of our communities in favor of mere political positions.

Nnamdi Kanu Addresses Violence Against Biafra Protests in South Africa


Today Nnamdi Kanu spoke about South Africa police violence against Biafran protesters where he remarked that:

  • Persecution of Biafrans is happening not only in Nigeria, the Nigerian government has engaged governments in places like South Africa and Congo to oppress Biafrans there as well.

  • The attacks by police officers on Biafrans is an effort to placate Nigeria. The irony is that those killed in South Africa are not Fulanis but they are trying to capitalize on it

  • Biafrans were protesting the visit of South Africa by Jibril.

  • It is improper for a president to visit the very country where his fellow citizens are being killed. This gesture shows that the Nigerian government does not care what happens to Nigerians abroad because most Nigerians abroad are not Fulani.

  • Most African countries are administrated by dictators or democratic dictatorships.

  • South Africa has over the years descended to into a dark lawlessness, brutality, and a unique form of servitude known only to Africans.

  • What happened in South Africa will happen in other African countries.

  • Biafrans in Africa must abandon their Nigerian citizenship and declare themselves Biafrans.

  • IPOB knows that Nigeria sells Biafran oil at a discount. South Africa should not allow itself to be used for Nigerian domestic politics of oppression. The oil it obtains from Nigeria belongs to Biafran people.

  • Wherever Jibril goes Biafrans will protest. Cyril Ramaphosa has removed White apartheid to replace it with Black apartheid.

  • When there were problems in Kashmir CNN gave it extensive coverage. Extensive coverage was also given to Hong Kong and there have been no killings by police officers though many have been injured. In the case of Africa coverage is almost non-existant. Police are killing protesters and Black people unfortunately do not understand that by their silence they are accepting these conditions.

  • IPOB will challenge the actions of the South Africa police in court.

  • Why is it that the Nigerian government has money to build railways from Ibadan to Abuja or from Nigeria to Niger, they even have a dry port in Kaduna, but they cannot open a viable seaport in Biafraland?

  • Construction of Enugwu Airport has stalled because they say that "there is no money to do the work".

  • Nigeria instigated South Africa to start the xenophobic attacks against Biafrans.

  • IPOB has begun telling politicians around the world that the weapons that they give Nigeria is used to kill civilians.

IPOB Protest at UN General Assembly New York



Biafrans gathered at the UN General Assembly in New York City today to remind the world of that Biafra needs freedom!

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Visits Biafrans in Japan


Kanu in Japan.JPG

Nnamdi Kanu was welcomed by Biafrans in Japan where he spoke on the following:

  • Okezie Ikpazu owes workers of Abia 16 months of salary and instead of paying them he fired them and told them to reapply. This is why IPOB banned Igbo politicians from going abroad.

  • Kanu wrote to the emperor of Japan and told him not to allow Jibril to desecrate the Japanese throne

  • Because of Ohaneze and Igbo governors, they know that all the abled-bodied men are in Lagos, Abuja, Germany, France, etc. Since all the man are abroad they have brought Fulani Herdsmen to fill that vacuum. Kanu told the UN that instead of Fulani Settlements to be in our land we would all rather die.

  • One day our grandchildren will ask you where were you when these things were happening

  • Uzor Kalu agreed to work with Jibril for a chance to be president in 2023, but in 2023 the Fulani will put in whoever they want.

  • Japan rebuilt their country with sweat and blood.

  • Freedom fighting is the easy part, building a successful country is the hard part.

  • South Africa is beautiful, but whites built South Africa.

  • Biafra will restore the Black man's honor, dignity, and respect

  • There were 2 kinds of slaves: house slaves and farm slaves. Instead of the farm slave to fight for his freedom and leave the farm they wanted to leave the farm and be a house slave. When some Nigerians see Nigerian politicians and the state of Nigeria and instead of working toward their own freedom they would rather desire occupying a political position or appointment.

  • What IPOB is working toward will benefit all Biafrans. We want their to be peace and development so that we can finally sleep soundly in our village.

  • There are Westerners that do not want Biafra to come because they believe that if we get our freedom, the world will come to an end.

Nnamdi Kanu Concludes Meeting with UN Officials



Mazi Nnamdi Kanu addresses Biafrans after his meeting with UN Officials in Geneva Switzerland.

IPOB Rally at UN in New York



Director Nnamdi Kanu to Address the UN in Geneva


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is set to address the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland regarding Biafra’s independence from Nigeria. This address comes in the wake of Nnamdi Kanu’s closed meeting with some EU parliament members on the same topic.

Kanu UN.jpg

Scam Alert


There are reports of dishonest people posing as members of IPOB USA in various locations in order to …

Read More

Uche Okafor Mefor Deputy Leader of IPOB Interviewed


Uche Okafor Mefor Deputy Leader of IPOB was interviewed by Rose Graham of "Rose on All Sides" on Ben Television UK where he was questioned about IPOB's objective and methods. He was particularly questioned about the status of Buhari and the confrontation of Ekweremadu. #Biafra #IPOB #FreeBiafra #Biawashington2020 #Selfdetermination

Nnamdi Kanu Speaks on Jibril's Alleged Trip to Japan


Yesterday Director Nnamdi Kanu spoke in length about the present TICAD7 conference taking place in Japan. He said:

  • Who welcomed Jibril to Japan? - When a head of state travels by air, there is always an official delegation to meet them at the airport.

  • In the video footage that NTA was claiming to be of Buhari in Japan there was no official welcoming party or delegation from the Japanese government. There were two Chinese people that were with him, but actually boarded the plane in Nigeria with him. These two Chinese people are actually the ones that photoshopped his pictures.

  • They left 48 hours earlier than planned because they did not want to have to meet with the Japanese prime minister.

  • Abike Dabiri, who worked 15 years at NTA, claimed to be meet Buhari in Japan but again the Japanese are missing in the photo.

Mohammadu Buhari in Germany in 2016

Mohammadu Buhari in Germany in 2016

Cyril Ramaphosa arrives in Japan for TICAD7 surrounded by a Japanese welcoming delegation.

Cyril Ramaphosa arrives in Japan for TICAD7 surrounded by a Japanese welcoming delegation.

  • When Buhari visited Germany in 2016 there was a full military reception. The German Chancellor was present also. We can also compare the Buhari's alleged reception with that of Cyril Ramaphosa. In Cyril's photo we see the Japanese delegation surrounding him.

  • In the photo showing all heads of state Buhari is at the back. African political events hosting multiple leaders usually positions South Africa, Egypt, and Nigeria at the front.

  • Strangely, none of the videos posted of the event are live videos. There seem to be hours of delay before they are posted. Cyril Ramaphosa's facebook profile is on the South African government's website with a live stream of the event but Jibril did not do the same.

  • IPOB's objective is freedom and independence of BIafra and nothing else.

  • Every picture released has been editted.

  • Every picture released so far has been photoshopped.

  • Nigeria imports sawdust and even grass from Brazil.

  • IPOB is seeking the arrest of Jibril Al Sudani and restoration of Biafra.

  • Buhari was buried in an unmarked grave in Saudi Arabia.

  • Jibril's actual name is Junaid.

  • 3 people recruited Jibril. They worked for the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that were posted in Sudan.

    Hasan - The Nigerian embassy official that was stabbed to death in Khartoum around May 2018. His name was not mentioned on the Reuters article when it was published. He demanded a promotion after helping find Jibril but was killed instead.

    Benjamin Ethnan - Diplomat that was killed by wine poisoning. He was a close friend of Jibril. After Jibril replaced Buhari Benjamin kept trying to visit Jibril.

    Aminu - After recruiting Jibril he was promoted. He is now the PA to Muhammad Babandede, the Comptroller General of Immigration Services. He is still alive.

  • In the South African government's live stream of the event there was no Nigerian delegation present.

  • The picture of Jibril with Onyeama at behind him did not show Benue governor Ortom. But while they were staging those photos, the conference has not yet opened. The prime minister of Japan was still in France. 1 Day later he is no longer in any of the photos.

  • In a photo allegedly showing Buhari siting among other conference attendees there seems to be a leg showing near Buhari that does not belong to Buhari or any of the surrounding people.

  • Nigerians should ask for live video of the TICAD7 event.


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's Open Letter to Japan about Jubril


Yesterday August 24, 2019, I took the liberty of writing to the court of His Imperial Majesty of the most esteemed and revered Throne of Chrysanthemum Emperor Naruhito of Japan, on the likely desecration of the royal palace in Tokyo with the presence of a criminal and fraudulent Sudanese impostor Jubril Al-Sudani posing as the dead president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari.


I most respectfully drew the attention of His Imperial Majesty to the damaging impact the presence of such a criminal would have on the ancient values of the Japanese society that prides itself in upholding the highest standards of honour and probity.

I equally requested the Emperor use his considerable standing as the symbol of Japan to demand an investigation into the identity of this fake Buhari and how it happened that a Sudanese actor is about to be presented to his court in place of a dead Nigerian President.

IPOB planned campaign of public arrest of the impostor in Tokyo is directed at Jubril Al-Sudani the fake President of Nigeria, not Major General Muhammadu Buhari who died long ago in January 2017 and buried in Saudi Arabia. The Japanese authorities we know are best placed to unravel and confirm the true identity of Jubril.

Nigeria is about to receive a rude awakening. Those that underestimate IPOB, do so at their peril.


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu 
Indigenous People of Biafra

German Investigator Statement on Confrontation of Ekweremadu by Biafrans in Germany


A German investigator says that the investigation on the confrontation of Ekweremadu by IPOB Germany in Nuremberg has closed. There will be no arrests made since it was a demonstration.


Nnamdi Kanu Addresses Biafrans in Nuremberg, Germany



Leader Nnamdi Kanu, Deputy Uche Mefor, and Sister Nnennaya Anya visited Biafrans in Nuremburg, Germany

  • Some misguided people are laughing at Sowore for being arrested because of his Revolution Now protest. They are misguided because people like Sowore will motivate Yorubas to stand against what the Nigerian government is doing. They people laughing at Sowore for being arrested are the same ones that are lining up to go to Germany and other Western countries where protesters are protected.

  • The "evidence" that the Nigerian government brought against Sowore is that he met with Nnamdi Kanu.

  • If the presidential election was boycotted properly then there would be no need to protest the dictator that rigged himself into office.

  • Some Igbo people invited Nnia Nwodo, the person that is partially responsible for the current conditions in Biafraland to Germany even though Nnia Nwodo said that he will sabotage Biafra's restoration.

  • Che Guevara went to Africa to fight in the Congo. After a while he left saying that a black man does not understand what freedom fighting is about. He will always put the needs of the stomach before freedom.

  • If Ohaneze had not worked to proscribe IPOB the Fulanis would never have come into Biafraland.

  • Those that invited Nwodo want to belong. They want to be seen as people that know Nnia Nwodo.

  • Hausa people did exactly what Igbo people are doing today. They invited Fulani to help them remove their corrupt leaders.

  • Boko Haram was designated a terrorist group and Buhari, El Rufai, Lai Mohammad, disagreed. But Igbo leaders are clamoring to proscribe their own youth.

  • The US government said that it is for Nigerians to deal with the problems of Nigeria. When they realized that Buhari is dead, they also realized how foolish the average Nigerian is.

  • No Fulani herdsmen ever remain in police custody. The ones captured in Taraba and Edo were later released.

  • Blacks are being killed in America. This is happening because of what is happening in Africa, especially Nigeria. If your government can kill you in broad day light, sometimes even on video, and then deny it in a court of law before a judge. Common sense requires that both sides must be heard from equally before ruling a judgement, but in the Zoo the judges are purchased by the elite.

  • Every checkpoint in Biafraland must go. If they don't go we will compell them to go. In the North where there is Boko Haram there are no check points but in Biafraland there are checkpoints.

  • When Nnia Nwodo was running for his position in Ohaneze he said "I will fight to dismantle the checkpoints in Igboland". The only thing he will be remembered for is sabotaging Biafra.

  • Osinbajo and Atiku are begging for unity. They would not be begging if nothing was truly threatening the unity of Nigeria.

  • The UN issued a report and in which for the first time they referred to our people as "people from the Biafra region".

  • We in IPOB are making our case compellingly to countries around the world and diplomats are recieving it. That is why Atiku and Osinbajo are begging for unity.

  • People can worship as their heart sees fit, however to join IPOB each person must take an oath of allegiance. To serve Nigeria you must swear an oath of allegiance. To be a citizen of Germany you must swear an oath of allegiance. To get our freedom, we must be Biafran FIRST. Our allegiance lies to Biafra FIRST and not any religion. Religion is between you and your God. Onye na chi ya.

  • We must be prepared before we march, otherwise the enemy will simply bomb our villages to the ground. We are preparing. We also will not announce the preparations we are making on the radio or television for everyone to hear.

  • There is a woman that works in the Zoo High Commission in Accra that is recruiting Fulanis across west Africa to go to the Zoo. As we flee our land in droves to go to Britain, Germany, and America, the Fulanis are recruiting people to occupy our land.

  • IPOB has no millionaire supporting our movement. What we need to execute this revolution is not much but at the rate that of current contributions it will take us 28 years. We are unfortunately not a very charitable people.

Nnamdi Kanu's Statement on the killing of Enugu Rev. Fr. Paul Offu



Rev. Fr. Paul Offu, a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu was shot dead last night by Fulani terrorists along Ihe/Agbudu road in Awgu L.G.A of Enugu State.

His death is a direct consequence of a disgracefully timid and failed leadership model of acquiescence to the dictates of Fulani rulership in return for crumbs, instituted and perfected by the likes of Nnia Nwodo, Dave Umahi, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Willie Obiano, Okezie Ikpeazu and others in Igboland.

Years of slavish submission to the whims of semi-literate Fulani cattle herders have reduced two successive generations of Igbo leadership since after the war to mere tools of the Fulani caliphate in their agenda of conquest and subjugation of the south.

Nnia Nwodo, Dave Umahi, Rochas Okorocha, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Okezie Ikpeazu, Willie Obiano were the key men that connived with this same murderous Fulani terrorists killing us to today, to ban, proscribe, kill and clamp down on IPOB- the only hope of the people.

Had Ohaneze Ndigbo, Igbo governors and their cohorts supported IPOB in the formation and deployment of BSS, this senseless loss of the life at the hands of marauding primitive Fulani savages from the far north would have been prevented.

The family of Rev. Fr. Paul Offu and all besieged communities in Enugu and Ebonyi must hold Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Dave Umahi, Nnia Nwodo, Ohaneze Ndigbo, Aka Ikenga, Nzuko Umunna, South East Governors’ Forum and other mushroom Lagos-Abuja based Igbo/Fulani socio-cultural associations responsible for these preventable deaths in our land.

They are the people that conspired and supervised Operation Python Dance 2 that killed, detained and disappeared many IPOB in the calculated effort of the Caliphate to neutralise the credible threat IPOB posed for their invading Fulani terror herdsmen.

Nnamdi Kanu
Indigenous People of Biafra

IPOB Principal Officer Murdered By Fulani Killer Herdsmen in Mgbidi, Biafraland



It can reliably be confirmed that the marauding Fulani killer herdsmen on Monday 29th July 2019, brutally murdered a principal officer with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnadi Okereke. Before his death, the deceased served the IPOB in his capacity as the Treasurer in Egwe family unit, Egwe in Ugwuta local government area of Imo.

Family Writers Press Intelligence Unit gathered that Mazi Nnadi Okereke was killed on his way back from work opposite Zenith road in Mgbidi by the murderous Islamic terrorists at about 4:00pm. It should be noted that early last week, two women were raped by the same Fulani herdsmen who have their base within Mgbidi/Egwe environs. Presently, both indigenes and non indigenes around the areas are living in palpable fear of the invading Fulani Islamic terrorists.

We therefore use this medium to call on Biafrans whose loved ones reside within the vicinity.

Younger brother of IPOB Principal Servant Nnadi Okereke gives a statement on the murder of his brother by Fulani Herdsmen.

IPOB members are reminded once more to remain vigilant and report all suspicious activity to your local IPOB family.

The Power of One!



There are so many of us in America. Day to day, we spend money on things ranging from coffee to cars. What would happen if each of us were to contribute $1.50 per month to Biafra’s restoration movement?

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito".
-Dalai Lama

Why contribute? Because living conditions for most of our people is currently unacceptable. Unfortunately not every African can obtain an American, British, or French visa. Countries are closing their borders and it is becoming more and more difficult to escape the reality that we must build real communities at home.

Ultimately, before anyone else, Biafra’s freedom, safety, security, and prosperity, is our collective responsibility. The time to spectate has passed. Let us stand together and commit to supporting this unfolding movement at home.

You are Biafra’s power. Biafrans are counting on you!



We have closely followed up and painstakingly watched the movements of Obijackson a Son of Okija Community and the Chairman of NestOil for couple of months now, and we can confidently confirm to you that this man is an Agent of Federal Government assigned a duty by the Fulani Cabal to:


1. Acquire massive lands from Communities in disguise for Ruga

2. Build and handover to the Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen for settlement around Southeastern States

Without fear or favor, we wish to make it known that Obijackson in the past months, has acquired massive hectares of lands running into thousands. This lands are inside Southeast Forest areas and forcefully taken without the consent of the Communities.

His first place of conquest was Ubahu Ofe mmiri, Okija. Next was Ogheregbu Okija. In this Community he forcefully took over 500 hectares of land and the Building plan shows that he is going to build over 650 structures with Schools from tertiary to University level, Hospitals, Banks, Markets, Civic centers, Police station etc with great road network and every basic amenities provided. The Express road connecting to this settlement has already kicked off with work going on very speedily.

In trying to achieve this, he destroyed farms and cash crops belonging to land owners. Under the supervision of Obijackson, old women and youths are molested because they tried to challenge the encroachment and destruction of their farms.

A close look at this project, one needs no soothsayer to affirm that this is exactly the structure of RUGA as published by Shehu Garba, President Buhari's Spokesperson.

In the past days, Obijackson has moved into Umuhu Community and there is a fight amongst the people, some sensing that he has ulterior motive while others simply don't care.

Obijackson moves around all these areas with armed military men harassing and intimidating the owners of the Land.

Questions that are begging for answers are;

Whose Children is Obijackson building schools inside the forest areas for?

Who is he expecting to use Civic centers built inside the forest area?

Who intends to use the Banks and Police stations located inside this forest areas?

Why is Obijackson providing every basic amenities for this new town inside the Forest, when he has not provided one for his Community that lacks every basic social amenities?

We appeal to every sensible Igbo man in places of authority to take this matter up and stop Obijackson before he settles the Terrorists into Ala-Igbo.

Udo diri ndi choro udo.




Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Sowore Interviewed by Dr Chidi Cadet Nwanyanwu



Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Sowore Interviewed by Dr Chidi Cadet Nwanyanwu about the Biafra Restoration movement and the Take It Back movement. Kanu’s message to Biafrans and Nigerians is:

The situation in which we find ourselves is very dear and desperate. Some of you may not have listened to me in the past but I am sure that if you examine Obasanjo’s words that were recently published, that tells you all that you need to know, that there is eminent danger. Our land will be overrun by these hordes from the North and no one will come to our rescue. It will not just affect our people. It will also affect the people in the Middle Belt and the Oduduwa nation to the west. There should be a line through which this army cannot cross and that line should and must be drawn in the Middle. If we do not draw that line, if we do not rise up to protect our people, we will all die. What I have said before has come to fruition. If we do not resist Nigeria, we will all perish. If anybody wants to form a nation, you decide who you build a nation with. The formation of a nation must and will remain by nature an organic process. It is not something that you force on individuals. You allow them to govern their own mind. That is why Nigeria is fundamentally flawed, and that is why the only remedy is to rise up. The time is now, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, and not next year. Do not take it from me. Take it from those that know.

Sowore added that

Not only must a line be drawn physically, it must also be drawn in our conscience. We have suffered enough as a people and we must reject a continuation of the oppression, the subjugation of our people, the destruction of our community. And I am saying it and I will keep saying it and I am sure I will keep reaching out to you all that we must rise in unison, especially for young people. The time to rise is now, because if we don’t organize we will agonize forever and eventually perish. There is no question about it. We are surrounded by a tsunami at this point and it does not matter how much we scream, if we do not act and move, we will all perish. I have been to all parts of the country. I have been to Nigerians in all parts of the world and I repeated the same message everywhere I went saying that this issue is a social justice issue and we have no way of moving forward. We have come to the conclusion now and the next thing is for us to act.