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Philip Effiong II Speaks at the Biafra Genocide Exhibition



Philip Effiong II spoke at the Biafa genocide exhibition in London at the Gold Smith University.

There he remarked that:

  • Before, during, and after Nigeria's war with Biafra the conflict was sold as an Igbo conspiracy.

  • The objective of the creation of additional states, among other measures taken by Nigeria, was mostly to divide the Biafran people against one another.

  • He went to school with relatives of Jaja of Opobo. They all spoke Igbo as well as Ibibio and Anaang. This shows the unity of Biafra.

  • The women's revolt of 1929 that started in Aba eventually women all over Biafraland. Phillip's grandmother took part in that revolution.

  • It is propaganda that Ojukwu started the war. Shortly before the war Biafrans were killed in porgroms all over Nigeria. Even after than the Nigerian Army still wanted to enter Biafraland and kill Biafrans there. Ojukwu acted in defense of Biafrans and Biafra. He said "even if you pursue a rat into the corner it will turn around and fight”.

  • At the Aburi Accords Ojukwu agreed to submit to general Gowonn if the discussed conditions were met, but Gowon reneged on some of the conditions.

  • The recapture of Owerri should be published as a major accomplishment in human warfare.

  • He believes in reflecting the fruit of the Biafran Spirit.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Addresses Biafrans on the Final Week Before the Referendum


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu addresses Biafrans in London on the final week before Biafra's referendum.