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Nnamdi Kanu Addresses Oppression of Shiites



Nnamdi Kanu remarked the points below:

  • Biafrans are against the persecution of IMN and its leader El Zakzaky because we are against all forms of injustice.

  • El Zakzaky was shot and blinded in one eye. Seven of El Zakzaky's eight children have been killed by Nigeria's government. His wife was shot 4 times.

  • Past court rulings have demanded the release of El Zakzaky and the Nigerian government has not complied. The only order that has been complied with is the latest one that has required that El Zakzaky be imprisoned indefinitely.

  • IMN has now been declared a terrorist group by the Nigerian government.

  • The Nigerian government oppresses Shiites in Nigeria because Nigeria is controlled mostly by Sunni Muslims.

  • When American police officers kill African Americans, Nigerians want to discuss it. But when Nigerian police kill Nigerian people the Yoruba media does not report it accurately. Their journalists say that there was a clash. And few people question their description.

  • The Yoruba media also describes the Fulani Herdsmen raping, killing women at their farms, and sacking villages as a mere fight over water.

  • Nnamdi Kanu asks all Biafrans to make $1/month contributions to the restoration of Biafra

Nnamdi Kanu's Statement on Shiite Protests in Abuja and El Zakzaky



Fulani Agents of hate in Aso Rock MUST release Sheikh El-Zakzaky. Rule of law demands it, disobedience of it invites anarchy. IMN protesters should be commended for their bravery and steadfastness in the face of unprecedented tyranny. Our support and prayers are with them.